10 Tips for Buying a Bike Rack for a Car

bike rack for carCycling is great hobby to keep in shape however at times; you may need to carry your bike to your favourite riding locations. Tossing the bike into the car’s back seat only ends up with chain grease everywhere and takes up seating space.

Get a bike rack for your car to solve the problem. With so many different types of bike racks for storing and transporting bikes, here are some tips to help you choose the right bike rack.

  1. Check your car to find out if it has rain gutters on the roof or a rear trailer hitch and choose a bike rack accordingly. Size your car to ensure you can easily lift your bike on and off it if you buy a roof rack and find out how many bikes you can transport on the car.
  2. At the bike store, look for a bike rack that fits your car and can carry all the bikes you need it to carry. The bike rack should fit your car specifications and be sturdy enough to prevent your bike from moving while driving at high speeds.
  3. Consider the other gear like skis and kayak equipment you will be carrying and how far and what type of terrain you will be driving on.
  4. Roof racks are attached on the car roof and best for larger cars and those with built-in base racks. However if you carry your bike on the roof, be conscious about the required clearance when you pass under garages, carports and overpasses.
  5. Trunk racks are attached near the trunk and are perfect for small vehicles that do not have rails or a roof rack provision. There are single and multi-bike racks available that can be easily attached and detached from your car as required.
  6. Hitch-mount racks are the latest types of bike racks and attach directly to the car’s trailer hitch. They best suit minivans, SUVs and other vehicles with trailer hitches. They easily hold multiple bikes without problem are adjustable and can be easily removed when not in use.
  7. Pickup racks are meant for the beds of pickup trucks where the truck bed should be large enough to hold the bike rack. These racks are easily installed and can hold various bicycles.
  8. If you live in a city or plan to keep the bikes in the bike rack for extended periods, look for a bike rack with locks. As the same bike rack cannot be installed on two cars, if you have two cars, buy your bike rack for the car you will most probably be using.
  9. If you will be carrying more bikes on the bike rack than you presently do, buy a bicycle rack that has a flexible carry-load.
  10. Always look for durable and good quality bike racks that will last for several years. However if you plan to use it only for a few rare trips, a lower priced rack will also do.

Use these tips to buy the right bike rack for car to safely store and transport your bike.