A Look at the Top People Movers Available in Australia

Church groups and large families alike can benefit from the extra room and comfort of a quality manufactured people mover.

This is especially true for individuals who frequently take cross-country trips with either friends or family. In such a situation, one needs a vehicle that is both safe and reliable, with the added bonus of being a comfortable ride.

Fortunately, there are many people movers to choose from in Australia, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Here are the top six models available for purchase:

Volkswagen Multivan MPV

Pros: Features a classic, bulky design. Engine is more than adequate, with a powerful transmission to ensure peak performance. The Multivan has plenty of passenger space in the rear with roomy accommodations up front. It is

Cons: The vehicle’s design resembles a van, especially when compared to the more sleek models available for purchase. Additionally, the top grade model can be very expensive relative to other choices.luxurious inside, yet still retains the rugged performance of a quality people mover.

Prices Range From $49,990 – $77,990

Volkswagen Caravelle MPV

Pros: The Caravelle has a very stylish interior. Also, it includes seating for nine passengers, making it one of the highest capacity people movers in its class. It also costs less compared to similar models.

Cons: Since so much of the interior is devoted to increasing seating capacity, storage space is sacrificed because of it.

Also, the Caravelle lacks side and curtain air bags, which many safety experts believe should be standard equipment in this day and age. While the cost of the basic model is definitely a value, the Caravelle MPV can become very expensive

once a buyer begins adding options.

Prices Start From $49,990

Honda Odyssey MPV

Pros: The Odyssey has a sleeker, yet taller design that maximizes interior space and comfort. Both the handling and the ride of this vehicle has garnered multiple positive reviews from both drivers and experts alike. An abundance of features and equipment is included in the standard price. Simply put, the Odyssey is widely considered to be the class leader.

While it has much to offer, the Odyssey is also higher priced than some of the alternatives vehicles within its class.
Prices Range From $37,100 – $44,920

Toyota Prius V MPV

Pros: The Prius MPV features a large seven seat capacity with hybrid powertrain. It is also more fuel efficient than similar models. While costly, a long list of standard features are included.

Cons: The Prius V’s engine is louder than other models. In fact, the interior even vibrates due to the relative high noise produced during operation. The interior itself is cheap, thin plastic, which isn’t comparable to the quality found in other popular people movers. Additionally, satellite navigation isn’t included, which can be a bit of a problem when exploring with friends or family.

Prices Range From $35,990 – $46,490

Hyundai iMax MPV

best people movers australia

Pros: The IMax boasts an impressive eight seat capacity with plenty of extra space for friends or family to move about in comfort. The brand new Turbo Diesel design coupled with the five year transmission makes it a great purchase for those looking to maximize fuel savings.

Cons: Since the rear seats can’t be folded, it limits the amount of space available for gear and large loads. Also, there are no curtain or side airbags. In terms of handling, there is a noticeable difference between smooth and rough roads.
Prices Range From $37,290 – $42,490

Toyota Tarago MPV

Pros: The Tarago features a sophisticated, sleek design both inside and out. It has more than adequate interior space to accommodate multiple passengers. In terms of power, it boasts a beautifully performing V6 engine that provides everything one needs for even the longest, roughest roads ahead.

Cons: The top of the line models are priced at just over $75k. While this is certainly more expensive than many of the other vehicles on this list, it does include a large list of standard features. For the asking price, however, the interior isn’t as special as one would imagine, even with the multiple features.

Prices Range From: $48,990 – $71,490

There are additional models available, which are covered below, but these are some of the most popular and well-liked.

Other Notable People Movers

Kia Rondo
The Kia Rondo is one of the cheapest people movers on the market. It features seven seats, which is perfect for a large family and as an added bonus the second and third row of seats fold flat to create a massive 900 litres of cargo space.

Kia Carnival and Grand Carnival
These are the most popular people movers on the Australian market and the Kia Grand Carnival has continued this tradition since it replaced the standard model in the Australian market since 2011. This vehicle features heaps of room and can easily cater for eight adults. The cargo space is also very impressive for a people mover.

Citrogen C4 Picasso
The Citrogen C4 Picasso is a unique looking people mover that is sure to turn heads. The interior is also very impressive and very functional as well. The turbo diesel engine suits this vehicle perfectly and the automated manual gearbox is something that everyone should experience.

Subaru Liberty Exiga
The Subaru Liberty Exiga is built on the Liberty model that has been one of the most popular cars made by Subaru. The Liberty Exiga features AWD handling and is nicer to drive than many other people movers.

Dodge Journey
The Dodge Journey is a people moving which features a modern SUV like appearance. It has a great interior and is well setup for transporting people with three rows of seats. Cargo room is impressive and the third and second row of seats fold to create even more cargo space when required.

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Article written by Damian Roberton

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