Best 4WD SUVs

There are many popular SUVs on the market, but only certain models are 4WD.

Of these models some are more suited to off road driving than others and just because you vehicle is labelled a 4WD doesn’t mean it will be capable of heading into the great outdoors.

It is important to weight up a variety of factors when choosing a 4WD including ground clearance, gearbox, diff lock, recovery options, towing capacity (if you want to tow an off road camper trailer or caravan) and similar features.

If you weigh up all of these features you can find a great car for the city that will also handle getting off the beaten track. Let’s take a look at some of the best 4WD SUVs.

Toyota Kluger
 2013 toyota kluger - best 4WD SUVThe Kluger is a midsize SUV, and is sometimes known as a crossover SUV, that is produced by Toyota on the successful Camry platform. It is one of the most capable off road SUVs on the market and comes in a number of configurations. The 4WD model is the vehicle of choice for those venturing off road and can match it with many of the top full size 4WDs produced by other manufactures (including the popular Toyota Land Cruiser).

The Kluger is due for an update in 2014 and it promises to be an even better option for those that want a quality off road SUV. Read our 2013 Toyota Kluger Review here.

Hyundai Santa Fe
The Santa Fe is a mid size SUV produced by Hyundai. This car was first manufactured in 2000, but the current model was released in 2013. Although it initially had a poor reputation as an off road vehicle it is now considered to be one of the better SUVs in its class.

It is certainly not the best 4WD on the market, but it is perfectly capable of medium to heavy off road driving as well as being a great family car for regular driving tasks.

Suzuki Grand Vitara
This has long been considered the best small SUV on the market for off road driving. It is a fully featured off road vehicle that can handle most of the toughest tracks. It has less clearance than a full sized 4WD, but this is really the only thing that holds it back from taking on the toughest off road adventures.

This vehicle is really the pick of the bunch if you want a compact SUV and a capable 4WD vehicle. The diesel model is a must have for any serious off road driver.

Not all SUVs are capable of off road driving, so if this feature is important to you then you should test out these vehicles before making a purchase.

Even though the dealership will not let you take them off road (in most circumstances anyway) a test drive allows you to try out the 4WD features and get a feel for how it will handle off road.

It is also a good idea to try and read as many reviews as possible and get a good idea of the most capable off road SUVs. A great place to start are the following pages on this site: