Best 8 Seater Cars in Australia

Many of the best 8 seater cars started as multi-purpose vans used by families for carpooling purposes such as getting the children to their soccer practice, getting the family to the campsites, and generally just transporting groups of people from one point to the next.

Nowadays, the best 8 seater vehicles are not just functional in terms of the number of seats but are also beautiful in their interiors and exteriors.

1. The Mercedes Benz Viano
best 8 seater carsMercedes Benz has always been known to provide their target customers with luxurious details both on the exteriors and interiors of their vehicles – and the Viano is not an exception to its rule.

It is considered the most popular of the 8 seat cars in Australia for several reasons:

  • Its V6 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine provides for one of the most powerful rides in its category – 165kW/440Nm. Its BlueEFFICIENCY engine is designed for maximum fuel efficiency (8.6ltr/100km) and minimum emissions (exhaust CO2scores at 226g/km) – truly, a dream for even eco-conscious drivers.
  • Its high-quality spacious interiors including the dashboard technology are certainly one of the best in all of the 8 seater vehicles mentioned here. The seats are trimmed in Lugano leather, the dashboard controls rival an E-class or an E-class sedan, and the command aps system with its 6.5-inch colour display, voice recognition, and HDD navigation add to the feeling of luxury.
  • Its clever suspension design coupled makes the Viano manoeuvrable regardless of the number of passengers in it as well as the space constraints that it must be driven on.

Truly, the Mercedes Benz Viano is the best of the best in 8 seater cars and it shows on the road – it is, after all, the preferred luxury chauffeured service for companies!

2. The Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle
The VW Transporter Shuttle appeals to the rugged drivers (i.e., mountain bikers, surfers, and hikers) because of its good handling in many road conditions, its spacious interior suitable for transporting plenty of kits, and its capability for getting as many people as possible from Point A to Point B, among other features.

Buyers can choose from 5 engine types, all of which are 2.8-litre diesel engines with power ranging from 84PS to 180PS.

It must be said that, at 32-39 miles per gallon, the VW Transporter Shuttle has a respectable fuel efficiency rating for its size although the company should look into improvements in this regard.

Fortunately, its safety features make the VW Transporter Shuttle one of the best 8 seater cars in the Australian market today. Its multiple airbags, electronic stability program, and traction control have resulted in its reputation for being one of the best vehicles for families.

3. Chrysler Town and Country
The 2013 Chrysler Town and Country has a 3.6-litre V6 engine that drives the front wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission system and that generates 283hp and 260lb-ft torque. Its fuel economy is estimated at 17mpg in the city and 25mpg on open roads, which are respectable numbers in the category.

Chrysler takes pride in the safety features in its cars and the Town and Country definitely has all the works – traction and stability control, anti-lock disc brakes, and multiple airbags, to name a few. Plus, its spacious interiors with folding seats and ample cargo room coupled with clever suspension system make for an easy ride every time.

Which of these 8 seater cars will you purchase? Test drive first before choosing!

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Article written by Damian Roberton