Car Repair Vs Cashing In Which option to take?

sell a car imageIf you own a car of any kind, you will know that there comes a point in time where you have to make a decision on whether to keep it, do any required ongoing maintenance and repairs, or look to trade it in for a new or second-hand motor vehicle.

Below are some op tips on maintaining your car and also a recommendation on the types of places you can go to off-load a vehicle in order to upgrade to a new one.

Maintenance Tip #1: make sure that you are familiar with the proper maintenance of your vehicle. The best place to get this information is in your owners repair manual. As straight-forward as that advice seems, many people either mis-place their manual or do not ever think to look through it when faced with a repair or maintenance quandary.

Maintenance Tip #2: Use a reputable repairer. Whenever you do get repair work done, make sure that you use a professional. For Australians, you should look to utilise a mechanic who is registered with the relevant state automobile association. This is important as repairers and mechanics need to jump through quite a few hoops in order to gain accreditation with such associations. This will give you great peace of mind that the work you get done on your precious vehicle is of the highest quality as opposed to shoddy work that may cost you dearly down the track.

Maintenance Tip #3: Do a background check on any repairer that you are considering using. You can search online for reviews or even just ask around with family and friends for a recommendation of a trustworthy, and well-priced, mechanic in your particular area.

Maintenance Tip #4: As a final tip for repairing and maintaining your motor vehicle, do not ever postpone or avoid repairs when they are called for. One of the worst things you can do is leave it until it is too late to get something fixed. Vehicles are like the human body in that one small issue can lead to a larger issue and affect an entirely different part. It really does pay to keep up to date with minor repairs and maintenance.

Thinking of selling your car?

When it comes to selling your car or moving it on, I know that personally this is a bit of a pain in the butt. There are quite a few options, which I have covered below:

Sell privately: This is my least preferred option. You can list on a site such as but this comes with expense. Or, you can put a shout-out on social media such as Facebook (I see this working all the time). This is usually a good way to get top dollar for your vehicle.

You can use an online cash for cars type service. These services are not that common in Australia as yet, but there are Australian cash for cars companies around to choose from it will just be a matter of time before a reputable website that offers this service pops up. This form of service offers a quick off-load of your vehicle.

You can trade your vehicle in: If you are buying from a car dealer, although you won’t get top dollar, trading in is a quick way to get a vehicle off your hands.

Hopefully the information covered above helps you to decide on the best way to maintain your vehicle, or offload it.