Car Reviews

We have put together a number of specific vehicle reviews to help you with your car buying experience. Here is a list of the top vehicle reviews.

Review List By Make/Model:

  • Ford Kuga Review - One of the up and coming small SUV models and certainly one to give thought to when purchasing an SUV.
  • Ford Ranger – Ford are making a splash in the tradies market with the roomy ranger. Plenty of grunt and well-priced are two reasons it is getting noticed.
  • Kia Sportage Review - Another SUV in the best-selling list that make an impact when driving. Be sure to check it out!
  • Mazda CX-7 Review - The Mazda cx-7 was one of the best selling SUV models in it’s day. It is still a solid purchase and well worth looking around for.
  • Mitsubishi Outlander Review - Mitsubishi as a company have had a tough time getting a foot-hold in the Australian market, having closed down it’s Adelaide plant a few years ago. Still, there cars are worth a look into.
  • Suzuki Swift Review - Zippy, affordable and economical. Take a closer look at this one.
  • Toyota Corolla – This pint-sized beauty has everything you need in a small car and is so well priced that you have to look twice at the price tag. It’s a  must-see.
  • Toyota Kluger Review - A must-see int he larger SUV category. be sure to include this one in your short-list.
  • Toyota RAV4 Review - One of the all-time leading sellers int he Australian SUV category, whether it’s form those old-school camel adverts or just the pure genius in the model, the Rav4 packs a punch at the price point.

Review List Category:

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  • Small SUVs – Sometimes bigger is not necessarily better. If youa re in the market for a famil-sized vehicle that is not too large, a smaller model SUV may be just the option!