Guide To Choosing a Car Trailer Hire Company

trailer hire companiesA trailer is a great way to remove rubbish and garden waste, move furniture and other household goods, and transport other goods. There are many different types of trailers that can be towed by a standard vehicle.

The most common of these is the simple box trailer, which is one of the most versatile types of trailers.

Many people choose to own their own trailer, but for those who rarely use a trailer a rental trailer makes more sense as it allows you to conserve cash to put into other purchases, such as when looking around at options for a new vehicle.


The other benefit of hiring a trailer is that you do not need to bother with the usual forms of insurance, though you may want to check that your particular insurer has coverage for in the event that you do damage the trailer whilst using it.

There are a number of quality companies that offer car trailer hire for personal and commercial use.

Coles Express
Coles Express hire trailers from most of their outlets and these can be booked ahead of time on the day that you require them. Hiring from Coles Express is a great idea because there are locations all around the country and you can hire the trailer at one like patient and drop it off at another if you require. They have a variety of trailers on offer, but the larger trailers may be in short supply and you may need to book them in advance.

U-Haul is best known in the United States, but the Australian owned version also offers trailers all around the country. They have a very easy online booking system or you can use one of their special hire consoles that allow you to book a trailer at over 1000 different locations in the country

They have a variety of different trailers including box trailers, cage trailers, furniture trailers, motor bike trailers, tradesman trailers and even horse floats. They partner with many different companies to offer as many locations as possible.

Coates Hire
Coates Hire is one of the larger equipment hire companies in the country. They offer a variety of larger vehicles and specialized machines for hire. However, they also offer trailers for hire for both personal use and commercial purposes.

They have many locations around the country and hiring a trailer from Coates is an easy experience. Coates offer online booking or you can call in to one of their retail establishments.

Smaller Local Companies
Another great way to hire a trailer is to contact one of the smaller companies in your area. This is a less flexible way of doing things because there are less locations available to pick up the trailer, but these companies offer local service and support.

You may also find that they offer discounts compared with the large companies. The drawback of local services that you cannot pick the trailer up at one location and then take it back at another.

A trailer is a very versatile vehicle and the smallest box trailers can be towed behind virtually any vehicle. However, it is important that your vehicle is equipped with a tow-ball and a trailer electric connection.

It is also important that you inspect the trailer for any damage or wear and tear. If you do note a problem then it needs to be reported to the trailer rental company so that you are not blamed for the damage later. Renting a trailer is easy and there is so many different companies that offer this service.