Family Games & Entertainment Options For Long Trips

mini foosball tablesWe’ve all been there either as a child or as a parent; the long family trip, the endless hours spent couped up in the car together and the inevitable outright boredom that comes with it.

Let’s face it, there is only so much “car cricket” and “I spy” that can be played before it just gets a little too much and boredom gives way to whining and ultimately and all-in shouting match!

In an attempt to help Australian families to remain calm and friendly on long family car tips, below is a list of pretty cool travel games and entertainment options:

1. Go Mobile: Provided that you are within mobile phone reception, smartphones can be an absolute winner when it comes to passing time. Given that both mum and dad tend to have smart phones nowadays, you can keep the family occupied for hours playing the latest app game. Just remember to upgrade your data plan for the duration of your trip to avoid a nasty bill!

2. Tablet: Along similar lines, you can use your iPad or Galaxy Tab or any other table device to either play games or stream the latest DVDs. Nowadays you can rent children’s cartoons or animated movies for a few dollars for 48 hours, which can provide a couple hours of relief!

3. Mini Foosball table: I am a massive fan of my mini foosball table that I ended up buying after I visited a really cool website called This article lists quite a few mini foosball table options. Obviously this is a little difficult to use whilst on the road, but for a quick 5 minute head to head battle while someone has ducked off into the bushes, or whilst stopped for a meal break, these tables can really bring the family together.

4. Try some different games: Check out a couple of the websites below for some really unique games that you can play in the car whilst travelling. This article on has 8 cracker games that you can play that will certainly help to pass the time and keep the family engaged (and friendly)! Here is another useful resource that lists 10 games you can play.

It pays to be prepared, so if you have a family trip on the horizon, be sure to check out some of the links and information above and be sure to have a fun, and safe, family trip!