How to Save on Car Insurance

Choosing the right type of car insurance is without doubt one of the most important decisions you will be making in terms of your financial security.

The difference between insurers can be minimal, and it can be quite a challenge to select the right type of cover for your needs. There are options such as third party insurance and comprehensive insurance, so choosing the best option for you is a matter of choosing the right option in the first place.

Because of this, I have covered a great deal of information about the car insurance options in this comprehensive car insurance guide article and the feedback I have had from it has been wonderful so I am glad it has helped visitors to this website!

Avoid using insurance in the first place! Make sense that the best way to save on car insurance is to avoid a bingle in the first place! Not only does it save you the hassle, but it will also ultimately act to keep your insurance premiums down as low as possible.

You may have heard about benefits such as “no claims bonuses” and so forth, and what these benefits offer is a discount on car insurance for road users that have not claimed on insurance previously.

In simple terms, car insurance companies make money by not paying out insurance. It is therefore in their best interests to have a list of customers that are high quality and have a track record of not making claims.

If you have a long history of not making claims, this is a signal to these motor vehicle insurance companies that you are a safe driver that is unlikely to make claims and insurers are actively looking to attract customers that are unlikely to make claims just like you.

Keep your car safe: One of the things that can add to your insurance premium is fire and theft cover. Theft cover, particularly when at your place of residence, is something that you can be very much in control over.

Taking measures such as parking your car overnight in a locked garage, installing an alarm system, or even parking it in your front driveway with a sensor light that will flash on when a potential car thief is prowling is a great way to go.

You may decide that you are comfortable not insuring yourself against theft if you can safely say that your vehicle is a high probability to not be stolen whilst parked over-night.

Of course, you may still want the peace of mind that your car is covered with car theft insurance in the event it is stolen whilst parked at the shopping centre or some other public place where you do not have full control over security.

Look around: It pays to compare policies from different companies. I get a number of international visitors to this website, so to point you towards the best companies to get quotes from, here are a list of international insurance company websites:

Ask for a discount: You would be surprised at just how willing car insurance companies will be to secure your business. Sometimes just the simple act of asking for a discount or asking “is this the best price you can do?” can land you a nice little saving.

The Australian car insurance industry is very competitive, as is the global insurance market at the moment. With competition for business comes price competition and companies will always allow a bit of “wiggle room” in their pricing structure to enable a discount in exchange for your business.