Hyundai iLoad Review


A terrific van for various types of work related needs is the Hyundai iLoad. This is a lightweight commercial vehicle. While it is very basic both inside and out, it is what you need to get the job done. This vehicle doesn’t offer many perks but the essentials are all in place. Such a design helps to keep the cost low and that means less business overhead for you.


There is plenty of leg room and overall comfort with this van. There are basic controls that operate the radio, heat, and air conditioning. The seats are comfortable both for local hauling and for any long range drive times. Depending on the design you select, it can be a three or six seater vehicle.

There is a very large cargo area that is lined with vinyl. It is very thick vinyl and that isn’t going to wear out fast. There are 10 tie downs that attach to the floor of this van so that helps with ensuring your cargo won’t be sliding around while in transit.


This van offers dual sliding doors, two front doors, and one door that opens at the back for the cargo area. There is also the option to get this vehicle with two swinging doors. This would be the ideal set up if you think you will have a need for items to be loaded and unloaded from the van with a forklift.

There is plenty of overall access to getting in and out of the Hyundai iLoad. The vehicle features large windows and wide mirrors which helps aid with being able to see what is going on around you. The side panel areas don’t have windows which helps to hide the cargo contents from others around you.


This commercial van offers a 2.5 litre turbo diesel engine. It offers plenty of torque as well as overall power. The engine is both fuel efficient and offers very low emissions. It is offered as either a 5 speed automatic or a 6 speed manual. This is a rear wheel drive vehicle.


This vehicle offers basic safety features including 3 point seatbelts and front airbags. Traction control and stability control aren’t standard features. There are models of the van that offer them but they cost extra. There is also a rear parking assist camera that can be installed by the factory but that too is a safety feature that costs extra.


The average price of the Hyundai iLoad is $40,190. The actual cost will depend on the various features you select. Those that have six seats and that have the swinging back doors can cost up to $60,000. If you purchase this vehicle new, it features a 5 year or 160,00 mile warranty.


The Hyundai iLoad is a great overall value for the investment. This vehicle can make your work related duties easier to take care of. The vehicle is affordable, durable, and will allow you to get plenty of work related tasks accomplished with ease.