Kia Sportage Review

Many people are interested in finding out about the Kia Sportage. The five-seat vehicle is stylish and is popular among single individuals, couples and small families.

The Sportage SUV has a few issues such as lack of fuel efficiency and a poor crash test rating.

The Kia Sportage has an athletic style that suits modern day families who do not need a large car to fulfill their everyday needs. The front wheel hatchback has a four-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection.

Although there are certain features of the car that owners have issues with the overall reviews for the 2013 Kia Sportage are positive. People love the power that the small SUV offers and most owners enjoy driving the vehicle. Kia has managed to create a vehicle that looks amazing and performs well on the road and make it available to consumers for a reasonable price.

Cost of Vehicle: $30,800. The cost of a basic Sportage EX begins at $25,700, but increases when the navigation system is added to the vehicle for an additional price of $1,200.

Customers have the option of purchasing the EX Premium package that includes luxurious heated front seats, leather trim on seats, a panoramic sunroof and convenient push-button start.

The Sportage EX Offers a Superior Driving Experience

Two years ago I had the opportunity to test drive a Sportage SX. The car had a 2.0-liter turbo with front-wheel drive and I considered it to be a terrific ride.

Now that I’ve had the chance to get behind the wheel of the Kia Sportage EX I realize that engine and suspension tweaks can have a large impact when it comes to the driving experience. I’ve also driven the 2.0-liter Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and although it offered terrific performance I prefer everything that the Sportage EX has to offer.

Cruising Ability: I’m not crazy about the cruise control the car offers because I had a hard time adjusting it. It is easy to set the cruise control but I had some trouble raising the speed. It took me a few tries to successfully increase the speed. I also noticed that the cruise control lever was a bit loose. The cruise control functions well once it is set into place but I found the overall experience rather frustrating.

The Engine: The 2.4 four-cylinder vehicle is not slow, but it does not offer a great amount of power either.

Interior: Those who decide to purchase the $3,100 package can expect to receive some terrific features, but the price is pretty high for what you are get.

Rear Camera: You should purchase the rear camera because it is worth the additional cost. It not only has a cute design it will help you to back up safely.

Fuel economy: The vehicle offers 23 miles per gallon, which is not terrific. The car may not be the best choice for long distance drivers who don’t want to spend a ton of money on fuel.

Warmth: Those who order heated front seats can expect a cozy ride, but the car also offers adequate heating for consumers who do not choose to order heated seats. The heater controls are easy enough to operate and the vehicle warms up nicely over time.

How The Vehicle Is Built: The 2013 Kia Sportage is designed and built in South Korea and has received a recommended rating regarding its reliability scoring.

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