Mazda CX 5 Review

Let’s just say that many Mazda CX 5 reviews focus on the success of Mazda 2, the Mazda CX 5’s well-loved predecessor, as its philosophy translates to the larger vehicle.

The Mazda 2 continues to be known among auto enthusiasts for its excellent steering capabilities and manual gearbox coupled with its balanced suspension geometry that many will say that translating these features into a significantly larger vehicle like Mazda CX 5 will be challenging, to say the least.

And there’s also the fact that the SUV category where the Mazda CX 5 is making its entry is already filled with well-known names like Honda CR-V, Ford Escape and Toyota RAV4, all of which will give Mazda a run for its money – or fuel, for that matter.

This is also a segment that places a larger premium on function than on fun yet Mazda has the gumption to say that its latest entry into the extremely competitive SUV class combines both function and fun!

Does it? Read on for our Mazda CX 5 review and decide for yourself later on.

2013 Mazda CX-5 ReviewThe Mazda CX 5 smashes to the ground a common idea that it will have hand-me-down features. Surprise, surprise –its fresh exterior design is a departure from the swoopy-smiley Nagare front design to the more tasteful Kodo design, which is certainly less flamboyant yet more aggressive.

At the front, we love the trapezoidal black grille extending into the wraparound headlamp clusters. On the sides, your eyes will be drawn upward from the prominent shoulder line to the rocker panel’s accent lines.

Overall, we appreciate the attempt at making the Mazda CX 5 appear like a predatory animal up on its haunches just getting ready to pounce – or to zoom-zoom above all, as its slogan says.

Before we delve further into engine performance in this Mazda CX 5 review, let’s first take a look at the interiors. After all, we are first impressed by the exteriors and then by the interiors before deciding to take the car out for a spin.

From the outside, the Mazda CX 5 looks compact perhaps even smaller than its competitors. Its interiors, fortunately, tell a different story – spacious, comfortable and even stylish so much so that you will have little problem fitting in your family or your gang of friends inside.

Just don’t expect technological innovations on the car because there are little to none of it here, an observation shared by many a Mazda CX 5 review with the common point being the too-standard feel of the dashboard. The company acknowledges its shortcomings in this area but promises that it is working on an advanced infotainment system, among others.
On the upside, the Mazda C5 5 provides for a livelier, more fun, and more engaging driving experience that underlines the sports car character its manufacturer harps on in the Zoom-Zoom ads. We have to say that the car even goes above and beyond expectations!

We love its:

  • Quick and crisp steering capability, which the company asserts was designed with linearity and agility in mind
  • Tightly-controlled body motions
  • Firm ride even on less-than-smooth road surfaces
  • Lower gas emissions and higher fuel efficiency

The bottom line:

In this Mazda CX 5 review, we must say that Mazda may not make it to the top of its class in terms of speed but it will give the competition a good fight in other terms like great exterior, spacious interior and respectable engine performance.

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