Mazda CX 7 Review

Mazda is perhaps one of the nation’s not-so-secret secrets.

With a wide range of models and styles, this particular make of car is very popular. While the company has a model for nearly every taste, the highlight of them all is the Mazda CX 7.

This stylish small SUV is ready to take on every task, from the long distance road trip with small children to the outback adventure with friends. The model has both a classic appeal and an upgraded range of features to choose from.

Mazda CX7 Review

Like other small SUVs from different makers (Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sorento, Ford Territory and Toyota Kluger) there is now a front wheel drive only model, which does offer some benefits to those who do not need 4-wheel drive for their daily tasks.

If the purchase of unleaded petrol that these SUVs demand was a deterrent from looking at this model, there is a new diesel-engined option, the CX-7 Diesel Sports.

These alternatives, the front wheel drive and the diesel engine, join the other standard range that Mazda offers for this compact SUV. There are also a range of standard engine options, including at least one new model. The 6V has been in demand for a while and now one of the 4 versions of the CX-7 has it.

Since this is a standard engine offer from other Mazda vehicles, the tried-and-true appeal of them should prove to be quite an asset to the model.

One should be aware of the Mazda CX 7 new pricing, as well.

There is a Classic version, the Classic Sports, the Diesel Sports, and the Luxury Sports. Since the model has been around since 2006 it has maintained a steady sales clip of 400 new cars on the road each month, with little complaint or worry about safety or performance, which makes this model a great auto to consider for both family safety and personal fun.

What makes each model stand out is the range of standard stability and control features built in, including anti-lock brakes, airbags, a reversing camera, and standard trip computer.

Of course one also gets climate control, a modern sound system, cruise control, power windows and mirrors, remote locking, and leather-wrapped steering with a reach-n-rake adaptability. All of these features come standard across the model line, from the classic v4 to the turbocharged diesel fitted with the AdBlue NOX emissions control system.

This 6-speed manual all wheel version offers superior fuel economy with the addition of heated seats, mirrors, and a Bose nine-speaker sound system.

What anyone taking any of the new Mazda CX 7 versions for a spin will notice is that these small SUVs have the engine power to feel like a sports car.

While the classic might fall slightly short on the power, it still grants a nice ride and driving experience. The classic is geared to the city life and performs perfectly for that task, while the sport versions give a little more to the off-road aspirations.

The main thing to consider here is that if one wants a safe and smooth ride that has moderate range of fuel economy and fair cargo room, this compact SUV fits the bill.

The star of the line is the diesel model, which, although lacking an automatic option, gives a good range of power and fuel economy.

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