Neaten Up Your Garage With These Storage Tips

If your garage is turning into a wasteland of car parts and accessories, it is time to look at a little bit of a clean-up. Making little alterations to where things are stored, or even which things you keep in your possession, can go a long way to making your garage more user-friendly and clean.

I must admit, that I am not great when it comes to keeping things neat and tidy so I did a bit of Google search and have come across a Canadian company that specializes in self storage to contribute some useful information for you on this topic.

When it comes to basic storage of one of the most prevalent items in a home shed or garage, paint tins, one super tip is to store your paint cans upside down. Have you ever noticed that when you crack open a can of paint that has been sitting around for a while that it has a thick skin on top that when stirred, goes right through your paint and ultimately on the wall? Well, by storing the tin upside down, you ensure that the quality paint is right there at the top for you once you go to use it again, even after it has sat in your garage for many years.

Many people do look to utilize our self storage service, however if you do not have much available funds for this (despite it being very affordable), one thing you can simply do is a complete clean-up of your garage and completely dispose of anything that you do not need. Sure, we are all guilty of keeping things “just in case” we need them down the track, but the reality is that for every ten items we keep lying around the house, the vast majority of them are doing nothing more than clogging up precious space and making your valuable home spaces feel too cluttered.

Quite a few car lovers will have tires stacked all around the garage, rear of a home and sometime out the front of the home also and this can look a little unsightly. We specialize in locating and promoting tire storage right across the country and the cost of storing a set of four unused tires is as low as $25!

Of course, if you are really starting to run out of space, then you can use a service such as ours where we will be able to provide you with storage units to rid your household of space-cluttering items that you want to keep for future use, but just do not want to have lying around your house.

We hope that the above tips have been of value to you and the one thing we would suggest is that it is always a good idea to at least look around at options. Some people do not consider self storage for fear of the price being too high. This however is an unfounded thought process and self storage really can be an affordable way to keep your home in order.