Suzuki Swift Review

suzuki swift reviewThe Suzuki Swift is a popular subcompact car which is one of the most sought after small cars in the Australian market.

The Swift was first made in 2000, as a replacement for the Suzuki Cultus, and the current model (released in 2010) is the 3rd generation of this small car. The Swift comes in a variety of different models and with different options that suit a number of different buyers. It also has a five star ANCAP safety rating, which is impressive for a car of this size.

Let’s take an in depth look at this vehicle and see if it lives up to the high expectations that have surrounded this latest generation.

Interior and Comfort
The standard cabin is smart and functional with a very good layout, but it won’t give the wow factor to most buyers. The seats are comfortable, but are not as adjustable as I would have liked. Headroom and legroom is acceptable for a car of this size.

The vision from the driver’s seat is very good. There is a surprising amount of cargo space and certainly enough for the weekly shopping or a couple of suitcases.

Ride and Handling
The ride on the Suzuki Swift is first class for a car of this size. It handles all of the usual bumps and potholes without missing a beat. It corners well on the test track and is a lot of fun to drive. The Swift handles well, but the steering could be a little sharper. Overall, this car has a great balance between the cornering ability and comfortable ride.

The new model has a much quieter engine than the previous model, especially at cruising speeds. It is a little slow to respond at low revs, but responds well to a heavy foot on the throttle. It is safe to say, that this engine loves to be revved.

This can cause issues with the CVT that constantly tries to keep the revs low. This can be corrected in manual mode, but this shouldn’t be necessary to get good performance. Fuel economy has improved as well, and Suzuki gives a figure of 5.5 L per hundred kilometres.


  • Great looks and a solid interior with good interior space for a car this size.
  • Very comfortable ride for a car in this class and the handling is also top class.
  • Extremely quiet, especially compared with the old model.
  • Great fuel economy.


  • Basic interior that won’t get people excited.
  • Engine battle between high revs and rev limiting.
  • No standard cruise control.

As you can see the Swift is a great car and it is one of the best options in the small car market. It is certainly not the cheapest in the category, but it makes up for this fact with added safety and the little extras that other car makers in this category don’t offer.

This car is most suited to singles, couples or small families. If you are considering a new small car then a test drive of a Suzuki Swift is an absolute must!