Top 5 Car Leasing Companies in Australia

car lease companiesHow do you know which company to get a car lease through? Research is the answer and today’s article helps you to find the best company for your needs. Let’s burn into it!

1. Orix Australia is one of the major forces in Australia’s commercial finance and leasing markets. Established in 1986, Orix Australia, with head office located in Sydney, currently employs more than 300 staff operating in all major cities in Australia and New Zealand.

Among the most popular car labels they carry include Hyundai, Ford, Mazda, Cherokee, Subaru, Volkswagen, Holden Commodore and Mitsubishi in various models, which is offered at very flexible terms depending on the applicant’s gross salary and the length of lease desired.

Furthermore, Orix Australia’s wide range of car products are designed to cater for the vehicles requirements of the entire company—may it be a small, medium or large enterprise, making Orix more than just a leasing company, but rather a partner in vehicle services.

2. CarLease Australia has a range of lease a car options including personal lease, finance lease, operating lease or novated lease options. It offers a quick and easy lease processing owing to its web-based application and approval system in handling finance agreements.

CarLease Australia offers almost all popular names in car industry, ranging from Abarth, Chrysler, Ford, Peugot, Renault, BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Rolls-Royce and many more.

CarLease is ideal for professionals or business owners who want to avail of car financing for business use. This would mostly involve hire purchases or finance lease agreements for sole proprietors, partnerships business, small and medium companies and industry professionals as well as for employees enjoying the benefits of a car allowance for business use.

CarLease has three major office locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin.

3. Car Leasing Options essentially offers novated leases for most cars, coupes, wagons and four-wheel drive vehicles. There are limitations however in the types of vehicles they offer owing to the Australian tax office rules that dictates the types of vehicle eligible for novated leases.

Furthermore, employers may also impose some restrictions on the choice of vehicles made available for its employees. Such vehicles as Toyota Land Cruiser, boats, caravans, commercial vehicles, trucks and other utility vehicles are not acceptable.

Car Leasing Options, is one of Australia’s leading car leasing company that provides solution to companies and employers offering enhances salary package through car benefits.

4. LeasePlan Australia is originally established in The Netherlands in 1960. It lead the car leasing industry innovation with the introduction of the Open Calculation Approach. LeasePlan is owned by Volkswagen Bank, Fleet Investments B.V., an investment company owned by the German banker Freidrich von Metzler.

In 1988, Australia became one of the 12 countries where Lease Plan operates with main office at St. Kilda Road Central, Melbourne. In Australia alone, LeasePlan employs over 300 staff and managing over 90,000 vehicles for clients across all sectors of the industry such as government, corporate and small and medium enterprises.

5. Fleet Plus operates in Australia’s major cities including Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth. It is the leader in providing MiniLease service which is a cost-effective and convenient solution for short-term vehicle requirements.

MiniLeases are available for clients who want to have a trial for their new employees and to accommodate interstate and international visitors.

FleetPlus Australia offers wide range of cost effective vehicles that are available in the number of locations where they operate.

Basically, FleetPlus offers customized leasing and fleet management solution that suits the specific needs of the business.