What are Methane Powered Cars?

Some British engineers have created methane powered cars. This vehicle runs on biogas and it is called the “Bio Bug”. The good thing is that this car uses the same biogas as fuel, which is being produced, from both human and animal waste.

The waste flushed down the toilets of about 70 homes and farms is capable of pioneering this VW Beetle car up to 10,000 miles – which is equivalent to one average year of motoring.

This type of conversion technology was attempted in the past but this Bio-Bug has proved to be the first methane powered car in Britain, capable of running on methane gas without compromising on the basis of an average car’s performance.

The improved reliability of the vehicle means that its inventors have believed that it will replace electric cars all together and bring a change in the environment by paving its way towards a green motoring atmosphere.


  • This methane powered car is a 2 liter conventional VW Beetle convertible, which has been designed to run on both compressed methane gas and conventional fuel as well.
  • This car has a top speed of 114 M/h and usually runs on unleaded petrol but it automatically switches to methane when your engine gets up to a high temperature.

In addition, if its methane tank runs out of gas, then this Bio Bug reverts back to unleaded petrol.


The Wessex Water’s sewage treatment at Avonmouth, Bristol has estimated that about 18 million cubic meters of biogas are produced from the human waste annually. This gas is usually generated by anaerobic digestion – wherein the bugs are starved from the oxygen breakdown of biodegradable material in order to produce methane.

Although, prior to producing the gas for powering the vehicle it undergoes the biogas up gradation where all the carbon dioxide is removed for improving the performance.

This methane powered car does 5.3 miles/cubic meter of bio-gas, which means only one sewage plant can power more than 95,000,000 miles per year saving about 19,000 tons of carbon dioxide.


The chairman of The Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion, Lord Redesdale, believes that methane powered cars would surely bring a revolution in green motoring by eventually making the environment clean and pollution free.

He stated that “This is a forward thinking and extremely exciting project that demonstrates a myriad of benefits from anaerobic digestion”.

“This Bio bug must be given the same kind of attention as the electric cars and must promote the generation of the maximum amount of biogas possible through various sewage works in a fight for a fresh and clean environment”. Well, if this happens then it would be a revolution towards improved human health while eradicating various respiratory diseases caused by current atmospheric pollution.

GENeco, a company owned by Wessex which deals with sustainable energy, has plans for converting its complete fleet of vehicles, if this revolutionary methane powered cars that run on something which is available at almost no price, proves to be effective and successful.