What are the Best Small SUVs on the Market?

The compact SUV market is very competitive and this type of vehicle has quickly become the most popular car for families.

These vehicles feature heaps of room and cargo space, good vision for the driver and light off road ability (certain models only). It is a pretty easy decision to choose a SUV for your next vehicle, but deciding on the make and model is a much harder choice.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at the compact SUV market and find out which are the best small SUVs on the market. Another worthwhile article to read is our guide to the best station wagons available, given that these two offer the combination of style and space required in today’s Australian family car.

Toyota Rav 4
toyota RAV4 reviewThe Rav 4 was first produced by Toyota in 1994 and the current model shows that this is one well developed vehicle. It has been extremely popular over the years and although the current model shows signs of feeling a little dated it is still an exceptional SUV. There is loads of room for people and cargo and it feels much bigger than it actually is. All in all, this is one fantastic compact SUV that feels and acts like a much bigger vehicle.

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Subaru Forester
There is a reason that Subaru continues to make this vehicle that was first introduced in 1997 and that is because it is the perfect compact/mid size SUV. It is capable both on and off road and has an excellent design and interior. The Forester should definitely be on your short list!

Nissan X-Trail
The X-Trail was the first crossover SUV that Nissan produced and since it was released in 2001 it has been immensely popular. The X-Trail is advertised as a fun car and there is no doubt that this is a great SUV for on road and off road use. A new model is due in 2014 and it features a whole new design strategy.

Kia Sportage

2013 kia sportage - best small SUV

Image source: www.themotorreport.com.au

The Sportage is made by Kia and although the first generation was somewhat of a flop the updated models have been a great hit. The styling and design has impressed many people and the features offered in the standard model are very welcome. The sportage makes a great family car, although it is really only suitable for light to medium off road driving.

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Nissan Dualis
The Dualis is my wildcard choice in the best SUV category. It is a relatively new entry into the market, having first been produced in 2007. It won a Carsales.com.au People’s Choice award in 2011, but has failed to win over the critics so far. Sales are slow, but with more aggressive pricing this could end up being the success that Nissan hopes it will be.

There are many capable compact SUVs on the market and more manufacturers enter this popular segment of the market each year.

The above options are some of the best small SUVs available, but there are many other capable options as well.

There are many factors that enter the equation when choosing a new car. You need to consider your needs when purchasing a SUV for your family and you should test as many different vehicles as possible. This way you can be sure that you have found the right SUV to suit your needs.

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